These courses carry numbers between 50-99 within our catalog, and are typically non or low (1-2) credit hour offers designed to bolster weak academic skills in a particular area of study.  They help the incoming student attain a needed base-line of knowledge prior to admission in higher-level courses, and generally when indicated by a weakness in the entry examination or application paperwork.

A four to eight week course for those needing to brush up on English related skills in general, including reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive one hour of course credit.

This is a mini-course with flexibility. You can take four to eight weeks depending on your own needs and will complete several writing assignments including 15 journal entries (you can do more). You will brush up your skills in practicing specific modes such as narration, description, analysis, etc., and will have an opportunity to write a short research paper in which you will familiarize yourself with the Chicago Manual of style in preparation for the advanced writing expected in other courses. There is a cost for this course as well, and it is strongly recommended for adult-education students, those who exhibit evidence of "writer's block” and otherwise have difficulty or are unfamiliar with the expectations of college-level instructors. Upon completion you will receive a grade and 2 college credits. (If you have not yet taken EN-101 AND EN-201, and are enrolled in a course that requires a term paper, it is highly recommended that you enroll in this course concurrently with it, so as to get help from the Dean of English with your first Sherman Institute term paper.)

Students who do not pass the placement exam will be required to take our Writing Tutorial. This short course-4 weeks-is designed to give you a brush-up on writing skills in preparation for the advanced composition required at Sherman Institute. This course is individualized, and you can take as many "repeats" of it as you want in getting your writing skills up to par. Once you have satisfactorily completed it, you will receive 1 credit hour of course credit and a "pass" for a grade. There is a small cost for this course, and is paid again each time you decide to retake the course. It is possible that if you have very poor writing skills, you may need or desire to take the tutorial two or three times. The repetitions are not repetitions of material, but rather are opportunities for you to develop more mature writing skills over time.

This course is a refresher in the elements of literature for adults, and an education if you never learned it in the first place. Students will see what makes a work of literary art different from journalism and other styles of writing. They learn the elements used to develop short stories, poetry, drama and novels, will write short essays about various works of literature, and finish with a final exam.

Career-minded students often scoff at fictional literature. "I don't read fiction.” "I'm not interested in imaginary stuff.” In this course, you will learn that literature of value is frequently true to life, reflecting real-world events "safe" from politics. Understanding what happens in an artistically created story, you have a much better chance of anticipating human behavior in real life.

A placement test (practice) has been posted for uncertain students to test their skills, no pressure involved. Connected to it are some concepts explained and set up as a helper course for new students. The focus is on the types of Mathematics you are likely to encounter in our courses. Confront the notion of college-level word problems and common situations before finding them in our advanced courses. A quick remedial program is connected to the on-line course for those students who really need help with basic math skills. It can also be custom-tailored by your Dean based on your individual needs.

Remedial program for those students who really need help with basic science concepts & skills. It is custom-tailored by your Dean based on your individual needs.

This course was designed as an 8 hour introduction to these three Great Books-centric subjects that bear interest to the writer, Political Science student, etc. 1 Credit Hour is given, and the course is required for certain PS certificates except if more advanced courses in Rhetoric, Logic and Dialectic are taken instead.

Remedial program for those students who really need help with basic historical information. It is custom-tailored by your Dean based on your individual needs in either American, World, or both, disciplines within the broad Historical concept. Using your student log-on in the HI-96 course enables you to download and read the antiquarian history textbooks we have collected and posted for your edification.

Remedial program for those students who really need help with basic theology concepts. It is custom-tailored by your Dean based on your individual needs