This is our Junior course fulfilling the Science requirement, taken from the Great Books program. (Required, all Bachelor students, elective all others.)

This is another Science elective, using the Great Authors to teach fundamentals of mechanics. (Elective, all students.)

The writings of Galileo, Copernicus and other students of the heavens are brought to our students in this Science course, designed for third year study. It also employs the 1820 text of William Enfield, qualifying students to employ this course for the science requirement of the Classic Bachelor's program. Students will learn types of telescopes in modern use, acquire one, and do some stargazing. Biblical astronomical subjects are also introduced. (Required, Theology & Classic Bachelor's students, elective all others.)

This is a look at the study of physics through the Great Books, and fulfills a Science elective for students desiring a more science-centered class for General Studies. (Science elective for all Bachelor students.)

For General Studies students thinking of entering a career field involving Medicine, or as an option to #405 to fulfill the Senior year science requirement, this course traces the origins of man working on man to preserve life and limb throughout the history thereof as recorded in the Great Books, and involves Hippocrates and other such Great Thinkers. (Science elective for all Bachelor students.)

Continuation of SC-310.